Ergonomic Spa Pillow | PremierLash - designer lashes™

Ergonomic Spa Pillow

The next generation in lash pillows! Designed to provide optimal spinal support during your lash procedure by maintaining the natural spinal curvature. Rounded center cavity gently cradles the head with elongated side panels, perfect for supplies.

Ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort to the neck, back and shoulders during your lash procedure.


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Pillow Case For Ergonomic Spa Pillow | PremierLash - designer lashes™

PremierSpa | Sand Wash Satin Pillowcase - Sand

PremierSpa Ivory Sand Wash Satin pillowcase specially made to fit Therapeutic Sleep Pillow.

Fits:  Average/Medium size Therapeutica Sleeping Pillow

Color:  Sand

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PremierSpa | Silver Lighting Vinyl Pillow Case

PremierSpa | Silver Vinyl Pillowcase

PremierSpa™  Silver Lightning Pillowcase specially made to fit Therapeutic Spa Pillow. Our custom fitted pillowcase saves time and money. Easy cleanup, simply wipe down between services!

Easy Cleaning: Use antibacterial soap, CaviCide or MetriCide disinfecting wipes between clients.


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