PremierLash Nano Mister | PremierLash - designer lashes™

Lash Curing | Nano Mister

The PremierLash Nano Mister works to accelerate and solidify the polymerization of glue within seconds. The cloud-like, ultra fine mist cures our PremierLash adhesive's, reducing or preventing many common eye sensitivities.

The nano-diameter of the water particles rapidly sets cyanoacrylate adhesives (polymerization). Simply mist the lashes as the final step to your lash services, or as needed during your treatment.

Hold the Nano Mister upright and 10-12 inches (20-30cm) inches from clients eyes. Sweep from eye to eye, in a circular motion to mist clients lashes from all angles for 30 seconds (automatic shut off 30 seconds). Ultra fine mist soothes tired eyes as it instantly cures the adhesive.

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Lash Rinse Bottle  | PremierLash - designer lashes™

Lash Rinse Bottle

Lash Rinse Bottle, 250ml

Rinsing lashes has never been easier, bottle features a swivel leak proof closure & swan neck spout.  

• Labeled Water, Medical/Lab Quality
• Size:  250ml (8.45oz)

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Adhesive Volume Crowns  | PremierLash - designer lashes™

Adhesive Crown | 25PC.

Adhesive Volume Crown | 25PC.

Designed for Volume & Mega Volume Fans.  Simply dip lashes in adhesive cup and run fan through V to align base. 

25 per package, disposable





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Lash Pallet Silicone Pad

Silicone | Lash Pad 4 X 7 inch

Designed for lash extension treatments to provide a clean, sanitary work space. Made from soft, medical grade silicone, reusable and easy to clean!

Aids in proper tweezer placement in handling extensions.  Lashes are easily maneuvered including standing upright (90 degree angle).

• Measures 4" X 7" Medical Grade Silicone  | Reusable - easy to clean

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Volume Bounce Dots  | PremierLash - designer lashes™

Volume Bounce Dots | 18pc.

Volume Bounce Dots help you create perfect volume fans and increase your speed. Eliminates the need to adjust flares with your fingers, keeping lashes sanitary.  

Simply place the lashes to be fanned on the edge of the circle, press firmly and release.  Lashes instantly fan out. 

Reusable & easy to clean | 18 Dots per package

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Cosmetic Micro Brush  | Super Fine, Fine & Reg.

Cosmetic Micro Brush | Super Fine, Fine & Reg.

Used to apply primers, cleansers and in precision spot removal of unwanted lashes.  Tips are lint-free, non-absorbent fiber to eliminate drips, spills and waste.

Shake Dispenser releases one applicator at a time, reducing cross contamination.

• Super Fine (1mm), Fine (1.5) & Regular (2mm),
• 100 pcs/container

Made in the USA

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PremierLash Hat  | PremierLash - designer lashes™

PremierLash Hat | Vintage Pink

Vintage Low Profile Baseball Cap:  Washed 100% Cotton Twill, soft crown, adjustable hook & loop closure.

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Scientific Hygro - Thermometer Clock | PremierLash - designer lashes

Scientific Hygro-Thermometer | Mini Clock

Hygro-Thermometer Mini Clock is a must-have item for lash extensions. Clock monitors the rooms environment. Temperature and humidity directly affects how cyanoacrylate adhesives behave, dry and cure.

In order to create the optimal environment for lashes, temperature and humidity must be regulated.

• Desktop or wall mount - bracket included
• Measures time, temperature & humidity
• Accuracy: ±6%RH; ±1.8°F, ±1°C
• 1 Year Warranty

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PremierSpa Essentials Foot Treatment | PremierLash - designer lashes™

PremierSpa Foot Treatments | 3pc.

Moisturize & repair dry, cracked, damaged feet.  Contains natural & therapeutic ingredients to provide a luxurious deep conditioning.  Use during your lash treatment (or any salon service) session to pamper your clientele. 

 Infused with therapeutic ingredients (Mineral Oil, Collagen, and Vitamin E) and antioxidants derived from fruit extracts to rejuvenate your skins vitality.

Qty 3 pairs

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Headband | PremierLash - designer lashes™

White, Pink or Black | Velour Headbands

Ultra Soft Velour, 2-ply headband. 3" wide with a Velcro ® closure.  Provides a comfortable barrier for your wrists during your lash services. 

Available in White, Pink or Black.

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PremierSpa Hand Treatment | PremierLash - designer lashes™

PremierSpa Hand Treatments | 3 pc.

Moisturize & repair dry, cracked, damaged hands.  Contain natural & therapeutic ingredients that offer luxurious, deep conditioning.  Use during your lash treatment (or any salon service) session to pamper your clientele.

Infused with therapeutic ingredients (Mineral Oil, Aloe & Collagen) and antioxidants derived from fruit extracts to rejuvenate your skins vitality.

Qty 3 pairs

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Customer Care Instructions

Care Instructions | 10pc.

PremierLash Care Instructions will help to educate your clients and ensure they use the proper techniques to care for their lash extensions between appointments.

Each section provides detailed information on maintenance, fills, appointment etiquette and suggested retail products to care for their extensions.

Packs of 10

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Mascara Wand | PremierLash - designer lashes™

Silver Mascara Brush

Ideal for keeping lashes groomed between fills or used during your lash service.

4" wood handle with a soft nylon head, storage container included.

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Lash Cleansing Brush | PremierLash - designer lashes™

Lash Cleansing Brush | Tapered Tip

Modernizing how lashes are cleaned! The PremierLash™ Cleansing Brush has a finely chiseled, tapered head with rounded corners. Soft nylon bristles gently brush through lashes from base to tip, penetrating hard to reach area's. Designed by PremierLash to eliminate buildup of makeup, liners & mascara.

5 inch handle with a soft nylon head, storage container included

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Premier Grooming Pack | PremierLash - designer lashes™

Lash Grooming Pack | 10pc.

PremierLash Full Head Grooming Pack keep lashes perfectly groomed between fills. Use during your treatment service, also perfect for retail.

Each Pack includes 5 straight full head mascara wands. 

• Full Head Mascara Wands
• Qty. 10 packs

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Large Straight Full Head Mascara Wands | PremierLash - designer lashes™

Large Full Head Mascara Wands | 100pc.

Large Strait Full Head Mascara Wands - soft bristles & tapered tip

Lashes & Brows:  Long bristles prevent snagging allowing you to comb through layers of extensions.  Tapered tip for inner corners & touch-ups.  Perfect for grooming upper/lower lashes and brows.  

• Qty. 100

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Flocked Applicators | PremierLash - designer lashes™

Flocked Applicators | 100pc.

The flocked material is a non-linting, non-absorbent material specially designed to eliminate drips, spills & waste during your lash application. 

Applicator is used in cleaning along the lash line as well as curing and removal of unwanted lashes.  

• Professional Quality:  100pc.

• Sanitary Dispenser.  Labeled in English, French & Spanish


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Tenderskin Micropore Surgical Tape™

KM Micropore Tape | 2pc.

General purpose cosmetic & medical tape.

• Qty 2 Rolls
• 1/2 inch X 10 yards per roll

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PremierLash Hat | PremierLash - designer lashes™

PremierLash | Black Hat

Classic Low Profile Baseball Hat:   Wool blend (15% wool, 85% acrylic),  firm front panel & adjustable snap. 


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Koji™ Technical Eye Tape

Koji | Technical Eye Tape

Used to lift the upper eye lid for proper placement of extensions. Koji™ tape is virtually transparent with a 'tab' for easy, painless removal.

• Qty 30 strips

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